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What is your purpose? What fires you up every day? What Is Your Remedy?


What Does RMDY. mean?
RMDY.  is about finding your meaning, your passion, your “remedy” and carving your own path to do what you love every day.


RMDY is more than just a logo on a T-shirt.
 We want to show you that no matter what you do in life, be it big or small, if you go all in and genuinely care about what you do, the sky is the limit in what you can achieve. 
 We use our clothing as a way to express our values… a bit like a book, When wearing RMDY.  You represent our values, and wear our logo with pride. To us, it shows that you believe in the vision and what we stand for.
 We will continue to work with creative, exciting and visionary individuals to give them the platform they deserve to tell their story and share their vision with our growing RMDY. Family."




Watch Find Your Remedy - Episode 2 "New York, My City" 



In Episode 2 “New York My City” featuring Fashion Youtuber Dom Hadley.

This episode we follow Dom around his city of New York & show what it takes to create content, build a personal brand, deal with hate & how he worked with the likes of Vogue & Moncler.


Watch Find Your Remedy - Episode 1 "An MMA Fighters Dream"


 In Episode 1 We  followed Up & Coming Cage Warrior Danny Dixon on his journey of being an MMA fighter. 

From the lows to the highs Danny talks about it all in this exclusive documentary into “A Fighters Dream”.