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About Us

RMDY. Was born in 2013. The journey of RMDY. began with the vision to create the coolest, freshest clothing, designed for the stylish youth of that dominate the streetwear scene. Self belief and creativity has always flown through the veins of our designs, marketing and approach.

We kickstarted our vision with our first collection of 11 t-shirts & 2 hats which we sold to our friends… they were sold out in a week. Being so overwhelmed with the support we continued to push the forward with the brand and continue this amazing journey.

8 years on and RMDY. still has its finger on the pulse of the fashion trends and we brand ourselves as your “fashion doctors”. Our consumers come to RMDY. to get their fashion needs “cured”.

RMDY. Continues to incorporate the fresh young vibe throughout our collections. From the inspiring people we work with to the products we create, we're proud to put our stamp on everything we do.

With another season ahead of us we aim to continue curing your fashion needs & making you LOOK good and FEEL good.

What started with a simple burgundy T-shirt and a bobble hat has snowballed into what RMDY. Is today.

Keep an eye out for our new collection that drops soon and keep continuing to  #FINDYOURREMEDY