I'm sure you're fully aware of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic which is ongoing at the moment. Hygiene & controlling this is a must.I just wanted to get in touch with you to ensure you we are doing the most to ensure the health of our "RMDY. Fam" - Staff, Suppliers & Customers which... View Post
  • Essential Colour Focus | Sand

    When You Think Of Sand What Do You Think Of? Yes The Feeling Of Warm Sunny Beaches, Hold That Thought For Just 1 Second... What If We Told You This Sand Colour-way Could Be That Way To Get That "Sunny Beach" Feeling?   With Our Choice Of Stylish Must Have Products In The Essential Sand Col... View Post
  • $omething is coming. 25-11-19

    Something BIG is coming!  We can't reveal to you what is coming just yet... but just be prepared for a week of madness!  Click here to sign up to be in with the chance to WIN £250 spending money & early access >  Come back to our store 25-11-19 @ 00:01 YOU DON'T W... View Post